The Product (Interlude)

Marley Brooker is back live from Coconut Grove (Miami), Florida with a special presentation from his upcoming EP entitled ATSFTP. Take a glimpse into a day in the life of a young black male facing various harsh realities in a near dystopian America, or so it feels, due to the rise in police brutality/homicides. The Product (Interlude) produced by 2113 Productions set’s the tone for both MCB and The ATSFTP EP. Even though Marley doesn’t actually rap on The Product (Interlude) he conveys a much needed message of fortitude to the youth, urban America and society in general.

Sit back, roll something, put your feet up and enjoy the feature presentation as Marley takes you through some places you may not have known of, and reminds you of some things you may have forgotten.

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